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Hello. My name is Paisley, and I married a lovely lady called Plush. We are a British-Asian couple, and we love greeting cards.

We have always wanted to give chic cards for special occasions, that are both current and tasteful, and that are also blended with a little ethnic flavour; but we have always failed to find any. After many years of repeatedly saying to each other, "why doesn't someone make modern, stylish greeting cards for people like you and I?"; and after years of toying with the thought, we decided to embark on this new venture and just do it ourselves.

We are passionate about sending greeting cards.

It seems like a strange thing to be passionate about now that I've just written down, but we love them. We've always sent them to each other, to family members, and to our friends. That satisfying, feel-good factor of opening up a card that you've just received in the post on your birthday, or a Diwali card, and so on, is brilliant; particularly if its an attractive and well-designed one. Nothing says "I'm thinking of you" more, than being sent a card on any occasion.


We are now not only passionate about sending attractive, thoughtful cards; we are also passionate and committed to creating them too.

We want to continue to make future-proof, modern cards, and we always want to be able to send and receive them too. Multi-Cultural, Indian, Desi, Anglo-Indian; whatever you want to call it... We saw an opportunity to cater to all generations, for those who want to send a card with cultural style and flare.

With big ideas on what we can continue to offer, we hope to be the answer for others, who like us have struggled to find a stylish ethnic greeting card; until now.


We hope you love our cards as much as we do. For updates on new launches please follow us on social media (the links are just below); and if you have any ideas for what you would like to see on the front of our cards, please feel free to get in touch :)

Paisley Plush is a UK-Based Greeting Card Company, founded in 2016; specialising in quality, modern and stylish Ethnic, Asian, Desi and Indian Cards.

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