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Happy Desi Mother's Day - Modern Indian & Asian Cards

Paisley Plush Greeting Card - Best Ma In The World

Well another year has passed and it's time for that special Sunday where we give thanks to our dear Mums. Of course everyday we should be thankful and appreciate the unconditional love and support that we receive from both our parents, but the 26th March 2017 is a day to show mum (and other mother figures in our lives such as Nanima & Dadima) how much you care. In comes the sales plug for a Desi Greeting Card from Paisley Plush. TA-DA!

Paisley Plush Greeting Cards - Beautiful Ma

No but seriously this is exactly the reason we decided to pursue this venture as we only too often found ourselves wanting to give a special card with a Desi twang to someone special like mum and not finding anything that wasn't..... shall we say, more traditional looking. There are plenty of old-school type cards out there which is fine if that's what you are into but we want modern. Let's make it fun and exciting again to send a card to Ma, Dadima or Nanima, but with a name on there that they can actually associate with and that looks classy (perhaps without the dodgy looking grey haired grandma for instance!)

Paisley Plush Special Dadima Card

Check out our Mother's Day category tab to see our selection of cards. Oh and Happy Mother's Day to all of you lovely mummies!

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View the full Collection here; but for more specific Desi Mother's Day Cards, please follow the links in the images above, or just below:

Special Dadima | Best Dadima In The Word | Wonderful Nanima

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